Coca-Cola starts innovation: to test paper bottles

Coca-Cola will be trying a new set of Paper bottles in Europe in its last innovation. This is because they aim to stop bottles soon 

Coca-Cola to start paper bottle trials 

Coca-Cola is in the process of testing if a paper bottle will be a good substitute for its plastic and bottle models. This prototype is currently being developed in Denmark, and it is created from a strong paper that has a thin liner. However, the main objective is to develop a 100% plastic-free product that can prevent gas from leaking from carbonated drinks. 

These plastic innovations designed that no fibers will turn into a liquid as this could harm the taste of the drinks and has adverse health risks. However, this hasn't deterred this soft drink firm. Coca-Cola has said it is looking at producing no-waste products by 2031. Coca-Cola has been ranked the first plastic polluter by Break Free, an NGO which studies plastic and waste disposal. 

Danish producing firm to start the trial in Hungary 

Also, the top on the list is Pepsi as Nestle. The firm in charge of the plastic product is Paboco and has promised to improve on the models once this trial is completed. However, some problems they faced were creating a structure that can withstand the forces used by these drinks. 

Also, the paper needs to be molded to create a unique shape for various banks. This Danish firm has been on this innovation for eight years, and now they are ready to start the trial in Hungary. This first phase will see them distribute about 2,500 paper bottles in Budapest.

However, Coca-Cola is not the only one interested in this, another too firm Absolut will soon start a plastic trial of its vodka drink in Britain and Sweden. It will start with 3,000 products in the summer. Once the trial is completed, it will move to other European countries.