Covid-19: South African government to open borders despite huge infections 

South Africa has decided to give some land borders to neighboring countries. This is to ease the economic hardship closing these borders has caused these nations. 

Despite COVID-19 cases, South African opens border

South Africa has said that it will reopen 21 of its borders which were shut due to COVID-19 infections. This decision was taken after government officials met to take measures that will help the country. South Africa remains the worst hit in the African region, and this hasn't been helped with the South African strain which has infected many in the world. 

They have recorded about 1.6 million infections with more than 46,000 fatalities. On the global scale, 109 million cases have been confirmed since November 2020. Borders that will be opened include those with Mozambique, Lesotho, Botswana, and Namibia.

 '' Free movement of our neighbors is crucial for economic reasons and health concerns. '' Minister Aaron Motsoaledi stated. 

They must show recent negative test-Health minister 

He insisted that anyone who wants to move across the border must show a coronavirus negative test. He also said he and his team will visit the borders and observe the arrangements. South Africa has closed its land borders since January 10, after an increased rate of the new strain. Some countries have placed South Africa on the list of countries banned from entering their country. 

They included the UK, US, and France. Just last week, health experts in South African has said the Oxford vaccine doesn't guarantee good protection against the South African variant, and they are looking towards other vaccines for maximum protection. The opening of the border is linked to the economic frailties of neighboring countries that make a living in South African. 

Despite the opening of the borders, the government has insisted that if there is any significant rise in Covid-19 cases, measures should be taken.