How to create a free chatbot to increase the number of publications on your website?

Webmasters often use a number of methods to increase their audience. The chatbot, one of these methods, is one of the best marketing tools today. In this article, you will learn how to create a free chatbot to increase conversations on your website.

 The different types of chatbots

Born thanks to Joseph Weizenbaum under the name of ELIZA, the chatbot has known over time a revolution that does not say its name. Discover on this site the different types of chatbot.  There are currently three types of chatbot. The social network chatbot, the chatbot organised in a tree structure and the artificial intelligence chatbot.

 The steps to create a free chatbot on a website

The different steps that come into play in the creation of a chatbot are: checking the cases of intervention of the bots, creating a conversational design prototype, optimising the questions/answers and training the robot.

The first step is very important and consists in defining the key conditions under which the software is supposed to react. The conditions of intervention can vary depending on the type and the prospection of the website. The prioritisation of 1 to 5 key conditions or questions followed by their answer to make the chatbot more active is therefore necessary.

The second step is to define the form that the conversation between the bot and the customer could take. This can be a conversation bubble or a full screen conversation where the bot automatically answers the customer's question.

The third and final step marks the end of the process. On the one hand, the questions and answers assigned to the free chatbot are optimised. On the other hand, the chatbot is trained in order to identify possible errors and to better refine the bot.

The use of chatbots by websites is becoming more and more common due to their usefulness. There are three different types of chatbots and different stages involved in their creation.