KoDDoS: what type of hosting should you choose for your business?

If you have an online business or a website and you don't know how to host it, don't worry. Here are some very interesting plans for hosting your site. Whatever type of hosting you are looking for, you will find satisfaction through these hosting plans. Let's get to know them right away.

Medium and high risk web hosting

This type of hosting is for small businesses whose sites are not yet too visible or too popular. Indeed, if you go to the site, you will see why this type of hosting is really important. In short, medium-risk hosting offers you up to 30 GB of storage and more than 200 GB of clean bandwidth. That's not all, when you click on https://koddos.net/ and sign up for your subscription, it automatically gives you over 120 Gbps of anti-DDoS. As far as high-risk web hosting is concerned, the features are as follows: more than 30 GB of storage; approximately 400 GB of clean bandwidth and 200 Gbit/s of DDoS protection.

Hosting with remote kproxy protection

This is the best hosting to choose if your website or server is booming. It guarantees you 20 TB of clean bandwidth to keep your network running smoothly. On top of that, there is 150 Gbit/s of anti-DDoS. What is most extraordinary is the unlimited IP domain protection. There is no reason not to have a subscription to such hosting.

Hosting with dedicated server protection

Unlike all other types of hosting, this one is unique and extraordinary. This is probably due to the 100 TB of clean bandwidth it offers. That's a sick thing! And that's not all. The DDoS protection is of the order of 350 Gbit/s, not to mention the storage. This hosting offers you an E3-1230 processor for interpreting, coordinating and running a variety of programs. Say goodbye to all kinds of attacks, computer crashes and especially website or server downtime with this subscription.

Now, choose the hosting that suits you best and secure your website or server. At the same time, stay safe from any malicious cyber attack.