President Biden staff leaves office after disrespecting a female reporter

A member of the Biden staff has just resigned due to rude words against a female journalist. Mr. Ducklo threatened the female media person over romantic comments. 

White House assistant leaves after an outburst 

The White House assistant press scribe TJ Ducklo has said he is leaving his position on Saturday after he was suspended over threats made towards a reporter. He has been accused of using bad words and issuing threats towards a lady reporter who talked about his relationship. 

On social media, Ducklo said on Saturday evening told the public he has offered his resignation. 

'' I am very sad and embarrassed for the kind of behavior I indulged in. I have said used words that have demeaned the sexual gender, after all the reporter was just doing her job. The words were harsh and unfortunate. '' 

He becomes the first public staff member to exit President Biden's administration since it took off. According to Vanity Fair, Ducklo said bad words towards a female reporter after she talked about his romance adventure with another political reporter. He was alleged to have said he will deal with her and everything she had worked for. 

His resignation has been accepted 

When the White House got wind of the case, he was immediately placed on a week suspension  On Sunday, secretary Jen Psaki said his resignation letter was accepted.

 '' The administration of President Biden is committed to fairness and respect for everyone irrespective of gender and race. We promote civility and advise all our staff to be respectful '' He stated. 

President Biden has always told everyone working under his administration that anyone who looks down on another or talks bad towards the press will be relieved of their position. This isn't what the new administration of Mr. Joe Biden will want as the nation's battles coronavirus and the various economic implications that follow.