Top 3 best Samsung laptops of 2022

A laptop is nowadays an essential piece of equipment, a working tool. So, sure, there are several brands to choose from, but when it comes to durability, sturdiness and performance, models from South Korean giant Samsung are recommended. Here's a top 3 list of the brand's best releases for 2022. 

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro LTE Laptop

More than just a laptop, this is a real war machine. The battery on this model is nothing like the battery for samsung np350 laptop. On this masterpiece, you have a great 13.3-inch screen. 

The 11th generation Intel Core processor allows the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro LTE Laptop to have extraordinary performance. Extremely thin, on this model anodised aluminium has been used to make the computer as light and comfortable as possible. 

Whether it's for personal or professional use, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro LTE Laptop is suitable for all situations. Whatever your needs, you can count on its 16 GB of RAM versus 512 GB of expandable ROM. Its high-performance battery has a long life. 

Samsung Galaxy Book ION i7

Like the previous model, the Samsung Galaxy Book ION i7 is also very thin. At around 15 mm thick, it weighs less than two kilograms, or exactly 1.19 kg. This masterpiece has a 15.6-inch QLED display with a full HD resolution of 1080 pixels. For gaming enthusiasts, this is the machine to have. 

Its 10th generation Gen Intel Core processor coupled with its Nvidia GeForce MX250 graphics card allows it to stand up to any situation. In short, the Samsung Galaxy Book ION i7 offers speed, PowerShare, autonomy, sound quality and above all lightness.

Samsung NP700G7C Laptop 17.3สบ

The gaming machine as we call it. For gaming enthusiasts looking for a solid, high-performance machine that combines efficiency and quality at a price, the Samsung NP700G7C Laptop 17.3 is the right choice. This device, besides its two different modes (standard and gaming) has a full HD screen as well as excellent sound quality.